This series captures all the romance and sexiness of the romantic dominant, each stand alone story spiced with danger, suspense and mystery. The women give as good as they get, but the man always seems to be one step ahead. Just the way we like it.





FBI agent Kat Baldwin has run across her share of tough guys and isn’t the least bit intimidated when she strolls into the biker bar, but when she meets Marco every nerve in her body sparks. She’s there on assignment, she can’t get involved, but Marco is unlike any bad boy she’s ever met.

Built like a gladiator, Marco D’Angelo is working undercover in a nefarious motorcycle gang. In constant danger he shuns romantic entanglements, but when a mysterious beauty joins the gang he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her.

Who is she, and why is she there?

A sizzling romance wrapped up in a crime story full of twists and turns, Maggie Carpenter delivers another gripping page-turner that will keep you guessing to the very end. 



Serenity has just crossed a line. In an attempt to defend her best friend, the free-spirited, flaxen-haired young woman has challenged the leader of the Bathus, a clan of barbarians that live in a castle ruin above her tiny village.

The leader’s son, Killian, decides to chastise her with a sound spanking, and throwing her over his shoulder he carries her to his private chambers. Serenity, however, is made of tough stuff. To his shock, even with a stinging backside she remains unafraid, and yelling her fury she storms off. He stares after her in disbelief.

But when the astonishment fades, he can’t stop thinking about her, and back in her village, the handsome muscled barbarian lingers in forefront of Serenity’s mind.

A short time later a rival clan attacks and they are thrown together. Their smoldering chemistry flames, but in the heat of their blazing passion they uncover a diabolical plot that threatens their lives, and the future of the entire clan.

The Rogue Aristocrat

No truth is worse than a lie. Or is it…?

Flora is going to marry the man of her choice! That’s what she told her father, but he continues to insist she marry a German prince fifteen years her senior. In a fit of rebellion she runs away during a raging storm, only to crash head-long into a wall of a man. Tumbling to the ground she hits her head, and a moment before everything goes black, she finds herself gazing into the most captivating eyes she’s ever seen.

Zane De’Ville, a French aristocrat and infamous womanizer, is suddenly tasked with taking care of a beautiful young lady who cannot tell him anything about herself, but he quickly wonders if her amnesia is authentic?

Maggie Carpenter, winner of Best Victorian Romance, Spanking Romance Reviews, 2015 and 2016, brings another sizzling love story to life. Click the link and pick up your copy of this sizzling romance today.

Cowboy Bodyguard

A steamy love story laced with danger and suspense. 

Brandy Coleman’s face is flaming red. As the owner of a barn for retired horses she’s had her share of mishaps, but nothing can compare to this deeply embarrassing moment. She is looking up at a stranger who has the dreamiest hazel eyes she’s ever seen, and a six pack beneath his open shirt that is making her knees weak. The problem? Her hose burst and squirted water everywhere, leaving her hair a tangled mess and her clothes absolutely drenched.

Logan Scott has arrived at Rainbow’s End Ranch to apply for a job as a ranch hand. He is led into the barn by an exuberant Golden Retriever where he is met by a stunning sight. A gorgeous girl, dripping wet, is bent over wrapping a towel around her head. As she straightens up he can’t help but notice the thin pink T-shirt clinging to her luscious curves.

The sparks fly, Brandy hires him, but as the days pass a threat looms over the ranch…and Brandy herself.

A known thug wants her property and won’t take no for an answer. Logan declares he’s changing his job description from ranch hand to bodyguard, and to keep her safe, Brandy will have to do as he says. Will she…?

DRAKE: Vigilante Bodyguard


Dark-haired, green-eyed Courtney Hall is a dedicated criminologist. Working with law enforcement she helps catch the bad guys, but she never thought she’d become a victim herself. Abducted by two psychopaths and taken into a dark forest in the dead of night, she is rescued by a handsome stranger who is out for a midnight jog. The villains are caught and arrested, but she’s just learned they’ve been released.

They know where she lives! She needs protection. There’s only one man she trusts. The man who saved her. Drake Steele. But Drake leads a dangerous double life.

While the city sleeps he confronts muggers and rescues damsels in distress, sometimes teaching both thug and victim a lesson. His deeds have become legendary, and he’s been labeled The Victim’s Vigilante.

When Courtney tells him the monsters who assaulted her are back on the streets he insists she stay with him. Very quickly a white hot chemistry fires their passion, but he discovers she harbors a deep hatred towards the men who turned her life upside down, and won’t rest until she has her revenge.

CAINE: Bad Boy Bodyguard

Wealthy heiress Taylor Morgan bursts through the door of a trendy store and frantically searches for a place to hide. Pursued by a ruthless thug she is literally running for her life.

Caine McCormick, a muscled bad boy from the streets, though bewildered by the beautiful woman’s sudden appearance recognizes the terror in her eyes. Bustling her behind the counter he faces down the rough-looking hood who appears moments later, but when he returns to see how he can help she’s disappeared. He’s worried, and knowing she can’t have fled far he jumps on his Harley to find her.

He spies her sprinting down the street, the villain nipping at her heels, and when he stops at the end of the block she unhesitatingly jumps on board. Taking her to a quiet place for a drink and something to eat, as she haltingly shares her story he feels compelled to get involved.

But the ruthless forces out to kill her are powerful, savage and cunning. Can Caine’s street smarts be enough to save her…?




Avery Madison is enraged! A farm girl from Montana and struggling interior decorator, she has been trespassing on a private beach as payback for a broken promise, but the owner caught her and she’s paid the price.

Dominant and disciplinarian Dean Guthrie has been irritated by a young woman disrupting his solitude. Finally catching her he does what comes naturally. He pulls her over his knee. To his surprise when the spanking is over she remains defiant, and storms into the sea to swim away.

She doesn’t notice the menace lurking in the shallow depths, and it’s thanks to his frantic shouts she barely escapes the jaws of the great white shark.

As she falls into his arms at the water’s edge he suddenly recognizes the dark-haired green-eyed beauty. Months before she’d begged him to look at her ideas for his house. Though he’d agreed and was eager to see her again the portfolio had failed to appear. Who interfered, and why?



In the Alpha Male Master Series you are an undercover agent for the FBI working in a biker gang, a barbarian in ancient times, a French Aristocrat, a cowboy, and a vigilante helping damsels in distress. If you could play one of these roles in a movie, which would it be and why?

Drake: The vigilante. I’m always interested in helping ladies, whether they’re in trouble or not. I’m the protective type.

2) Is there a character you’d like to play I’ve not yet written about?

007. I’d love to play a Secret Agent like James Bond, but my character would be a bit wilder. Long hair (obviously) motorbikes and leather jackets.

3) Were you ever a professional model? Have you ever considered doing that?

I don’t think standing in front of lights and cameras and having makeup applied is my personality type. I also think it would be boring. I’m more action oriented.

4) If there’s one thing you’d like your fans to know about you, what would that be?

I’m a big animal lover. If you want a pet please look into adoption. There are so many animals that need loving homes.

5) Any other comments?

I never know what these covers are going to look like and it’s always a great surprise. I hope the readers have enjoyed the books and I have enjoyed being involved very much.