She is a submissive.  She is a romantic.  She is passionate.  She is feminine.

She is brave.  She is not brave.

She craves control and authority.  She needs discipline.

She needs someone she must answer to.

 She finds bliss in blindfolds on.  She loves blindfolds off.

She aches for the feel of a man’s hands on her body.

She adores lingerie.

 She is stubborn.  She is opinionated.  She is difficult.  She is willful.

She has a temper.

She is determined.

She is lazy.  She is a whirlwind of activity.

She never gives up.  She gives up too easily.

 She can drop an unworthy man with a look.  She wishes she couldn’t.

She is a submissive.

Before anything, she is a submissive.

A romantic submissive

A submissive wherever…


dressed however…

he needs her to be.

Who is Maggie Carpenter ?  I am as described above but perhaps the best – the most accurate – the simplest way to find out ABOUT Maggie Carpenter – is to read the blogs.  I write only that which is in my heart.

If you read the blogs, you will feel me and know all ABOUT – Maggie Carpenter