Wonderful to be able to post again. I’m typing this on a brand new laptop. Apple couldn’t fix the old one. Ahh, the joy of a warranty. For those of you who don’t follow me on FB, this is my Christmas Cowboy romance, a spanking sweet story at a tempting Christmas price of only $2.99.


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It’s Christmas Eve, and Connor McBride is still haunted by a woman he talked to for only five minutes one month before. He still isn’t sure if it had been the way her blue eyes had told him she was sweet but sassy, or the way she drank her beer, holding the nozzle to her lips and tilting back her head. It had been so damn sexy he’d wanted to lean over the bar, rip it out of her hands, and kiss her like it was his last night on planet earth.

Little does he know that she will come back into his life in a dramatic and shocking way.

April Sullivan has been aching to return to McBrides Bar and Grill. She’d met a handsome cowboy there who had taken her breath away, but her life has taken a bizarre and dangerous turn. A stranger in the small town, she has no-one to whom she can turn for help, but her inner voice tells her if she can find a way to the bar, Connor will save her from the peril in which she finds herself.

Will the heat that sizzles between them be enough to keep Connor at her side? Will he believe her story, and protect her from the evil swirling around her, and with so much at stake, will his reassuring take-charge attitude, along with his hot spanking hand, be enough to make her listen and do what he says to keep them both safe?


“Five pennies. Five thoughts. My final offer,” he declared, and taking her hand he placed the nickel in her palm. “What’s the first?”

“I think you want to kiss me, and I want you to,” she breathed.

He didn’t speak, but placing both hands on either side of her face he planted his mouth on hers and leisurely pressed home, then gently drew in her lower lip.

“Second thought?” he softly asked, breaking away.

“You’ve numbed my brain,” she sighed.

“That was a lie,” he said raising one wicked eyebrow. “Second thought, please. I paid for it.”

“I think your house is fabulous. I love all the antiques.”

“Thanks. Third?”

“I think you want me naked.”

Her voice had fallen into a whisper, and she held her breath as he moved his hands to the hem of her sweater.

“Do you want to be naked?”

“Uh-huh, but, um…”

“But what?”

“Isn’t it too soon?”

“Do you want to be naked?” he repeated.


“Do you want to be naked now?”

“Yes, please,” she whimpered, feeling her knees grow weak as his fingers skirted under her sweater, tickling around her waist.

“Fourth thought?”


“Come on,” he insisted, pressing his palm against her skin at the small of her back.

“Why didn’t you want me to look when I was in that narrow pathway between those shops?”

“You were a very naughty girl, not doing as you were told.”

“I know,” she breathed, dropping her head on to his shoulder, “but will you tell me?”

Her heart was thudding against her chest, a wash of wetness was flooding her sex, his fingers were sending tingles everywhere they touched, and she was aching for him to pull off her sweater and throw her backwards on to the bed and ravage her.

“Because,” he softly began, “I didn’t want them to see where you’d gone, and if they pressed charges against me, you wouldn’t be able to testify about something you didn’t actually see happen, or even the aftermath of what happened.”

“Oops. I’m sorry. Can I ask why you wanted me to walk and not run?”

“If you run, you have a greater chance of trippin’ and fallin’ over. At least you did that part right.”

“I feel foolish. I shouldn’t have peeked.”

“You’re forgiven, now tell me your fifth and last thought.”

“Are you, uh, really, uh…” she said haltingly.

“Am I really, what?”

“I can’t say it,” she muttered.

“Am I really gonna spank you for not listenin’?”

She nodded her head.

“I sure am, darlin’, but you’re gonna have to crawl over my lap and ask for it.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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