Chad and Cassie.

The sparkling couple who starred in the first book of the Cowboy’s After Dark series,


1/22 – 1/29 only .99 cents.


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Centered around a western ranch and a major show jumping event, The Cowboy’s Rules is a romantic page-turner, filled with passionate encounters, sexy spankings, and a love affair that will leave you sighing.

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Chad Douglas stared at the young woman huffing and puffing in front of him. Already on his way out-of-town, it had been more intrigue than friendship that had made Chad turn around and head back. Max had talked to him about Cassandra many times, how difficult she could be, how spoiled she was, but Chad knew Max went out of his way to help her. Now he understood why. There was a neediness about her, an indefinable quality, that, in spite of her brattiness, was endearing.

“Let me get this straight,” he said slowly. “You want me to drive your three horses up to the Mill Creek show by myself, while you fly up.”

“Yes, exactly,” she replied. “Shoot, what am I going to do about a groom? Max usually does that as well.”

Chad dropped his eyes to the ground, covertly smiling.

Oh, little lady, I am definitely drivin’ your van, and you are definitely comin’ along for the ride.

“Well, I don’t know what to say about not havin’ a groom, but I won’t be drivin’ alone! No way, no how,” he declared, kicking the dirt under his feet. “If you want me to drive your van and your horses up to that show, you’re comin’ with me. That’s it. Take or leave it,” he finished.

“You’re joking!” she exclaimed, aghast at such a suggestion.

His hand came up to pull off his glasses, and she felt that ‘something’ again in her stomach. As he moved towards her, his eyes staring at the ground, she was almost hoping he wouldn’t look up, but when he did, his deep brown eyes were sharp and determined.

“Am I smilin’?”

“I, uh, I,” she stammered. Shit! Who is this guy?

“Am I drivin’ your van, or leavin’ in my truck?” he pressed.

“Uh, my van,” she mumbled. “I’ll be back in a minute,” and heart pounding, she hurried back in the house.

*    *    *    *    *    *



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