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PetPrincesseBook-11 copy


In this romantic BDSM fairy tale, an elite warrior delivers lustful spankings to the deserving bottom of his pampered Princess, while tantalizingly teaching her the joys of the flesh. Princess Lizbett learns that while punishment can be painful, the rewards of surrendering to the arms of a loving Dominant offers not just an ironic sense of freedom, but ultimate pleasure.


What followed was a volley of fast, hard spanks, starting at the back of her thighs, moving on to her cheeks, then back down, sending her gasping and furiously squirming. When he stopped, he fiercely gripped each cheek.


“Oh, yes, Sir,” she whimpered, “like embers from a fire.”

“Sit up and straddle my lap.”

Panting and uttering sounds of pain, she struggled to stand up, then sat across his wide thighs, and as his hands clutched her waist to bring her forward she dropped her head into his shoulder.

“You have punished me so hard, Sir,” she groaned.

“And you tested me so hard,” he replied. “It is one thing to be willful and petulant in normal life, but to refuse an order given in a moment of such jeopardy, and suggest my men risk injury, perhaps even death, is not just the height of self-centered selfishness, it is reckless, irresponsible and outrageous,” he scolded.

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