Welcome to the world of Maggie Carpenter.


A world where men are Dominant, not domineering.

Where women are artfully spanked and teased, treasured and revered.

A world of handcuffs and spreader bars.

Crops, floggers, paddles and hot hands.

A world of leather and lace, corsets and stockings.

A world of pleasure…

Greetings. I am Maggie Carpenter. Since you’re on this site, you are either intrigued by the D/s lifestyle, or are already immersed, enjoying all the delectable, decadent treats it offers.

Domination and submission has enthralled me since I could think. As a tiny child, if my dolls were naughty, I would tie ribbons around their wrists and feet, and place them in bondage on their little beds. My mother used to watch me, then walk away shaking her head. The sweetest, kindest woman to have ever walked this earth, I’m sure she thought she had given birth to a very disturbed child. From where did this inspiration come? I have no idea.

My books and blog reflect the passion I have for this lifestyle. While my writings incorporate real-life experiences, I will never confess to which are imagined, and which are first-hand accounts. That would be telling!

The bottom line (if you will) is Dominance and submission. The Power Exchange. Is there anything quite so enthralling as being in the hands of a sensitive, knowledgable romantic Dominant? One whose instinctive talent and artful prowess, can transform a simple touch into spine-tingling moment, leaving me aching for the next, and the next, and the…?

I would love to hear from you. Please, feel free to email me at MagCarpenter@yahoo.com, and may the tawse be with you!