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Smart, sexy and sly, Jane Campbell lives by her wits. She’s a gifted grifter who can pick pockets and play long cons with equal skill. She sets her sights on a man who appears to be rather nerdy, she quickly learns you cannot, and should not, judge a book by it’s cover.

Due for release through Stormy Night Publications at the end of May, 2016.



     He had no idea how much time had passed when he felt his eyes grow heavy. He hadn’t been conscious of the pad and pen slipping from his fingers, and when the dream began, he was somewhere between waking and sleeping.
     The vision slowly materialized. He was in his bedroom, and Jane was standing before him dressed in a shimmering black satin corset, and elbow-length black gloves. Fine stockings were attached to garters hanging from the bottom of the seductive lingerie, and he could see her beautiful light brown, triangular bush. Her long blond hair was swept up at the sides and tied at the top of her head, and her red lipstick made her lips look lusciously kissable. As he approached she dropped her eyes and murmured, how may I please you, Sir?
     Henry didn’t know if he’d been woken by a sharp sound, or if the lucid dream had jolted him awake, but his eyes were suddenly open, and his hand was holding his very erect member. Softly groaning he pushed back the bedcovers not caring that it was cold, and rubbing fervently he closed his eyes and sent himself back into the vision.
Have you been a good girl?
What does that mean?
It means mostly.
It means a spanking. Did you try to steal a wallet?
What then?
Must I?
You know the answer to that.
I sort of borrowed a very nice trinket from Treadwell’s Jewelry Store.
What do you mean, borrowed?
I just wanted to see if I could do it. They have a new security system. I put it back.
Rest your hands on the edge of the bed, young lady.
     The image bolted him forward, and she was abruptly in position, her gorgeously round backside and upper thighs framed by a frill of black lace that skirted the hem of the corset above, the wide black band of her stockings below, and the garters on either side. Resting his hand on her cheeks, he smoothed it over her pale skin, slapped it down, then paused to watch his pink handprint bloom to life. He heard a gasp, and smacked her other cheek. She gasped again, and he slipped his fingers between her legs, delving into her soaked seam. Dropping her head into his fluffy comforter, she wriggled her bottom as if asking for more, so he delivered, spanking soundly, moving his flattened palm across the fullness of her cheeks. She let out a squeal, then looking at him over her shoulder, she muttered, “thank you, Sir.”
     His cock suddenly exploded over his hand, shocking him out of the salacious mirage. As it spasmed he couldn’t control his heavy groans, and when the orgasm finally passed he let out a grateful sigh. At least Jane wouldn’t have heard him. He had no doubt the sleeping medication would have knocked her out. Catching his breath, he switched on the small lamp sitting on the nightstand, slipped off the bed and staggered into the bathroom.





Cowboys of the Wild West Series