Hunks and Horses


A series based around characters from



His Ranch. His Rules. His Secrets.

In Hunks and Horses you’ll revisit the characters from


and meet new sexy kinky cowboys.




His Ranch. His Rules. His Secrets.



Carly Kincaid, a smart and sassy dark-haired cowgirl, has a serious crush on her sexy new boss, but her face is reddening as he scolds her for breaking an important rule. She might lose her job, though there’s a clause in her contract that offers a different option. One that makes her butterflies flutter and her toes curl.
Keith Parker, a take-charge passionate man, carries secrets critical to his success. In spite of his warning Carly asked too many questions and put the ranch at risk. He should fire her, but he’s torn. He’s crazy about the blue-eyed beauty.

When she’s almost killed in a freak accident, their smoldering feelings surge to the surface. Hot chemistry flames into steamy nights and happy days, but as eerie events give them pause for thought, an enemy from Keith’s past lurks in the shadows…

If you’re a fan of Carolyn Brown, Madison Faye and Diane Palmer, you’ll love COWBOY. Mount up and ride through the passion, romance and thrills at Dream Horse Ranch. 






Connie Masters yearns to kiss Caleb King, the muscled down-home cowboy she’s just hired. The thought of his thick, moist mouth pressed against hers consumes every waking moment, but she’s spoken for.

Drawn to the sparkling blue-eyed beauty, Caleb aches to lock his fingers in her long dark hair and crush her lips into next week, but he must walk away. A glittering diamond sits on her finger, given to her by a Lamborghini-driving city-slicker.

When Connie discovers her fiancé has been having an affair she sends him packing, but quickly learns he’s done something despicable. With life as she knows it slipping from her grasp she can’t see any way to recover.

She confides in Caleb, and as he comforts her their smoldering passion flames to life. He offers a solution, but the crisis leads to an astonishing and mysterious paranormal encounter. Though Connie promises to stay out of the fray, she can’t resist, and her reckless risk-taking puts both her and Caleb in even greater danger.

To Kiss A Cowboy is full of white-hot chemistry, heart-felt passion, and supernatural suspense that will keep you turning the pages! Readers of Carolyn Brown, Madison Faye and Diane Palmer are sure to devour this Steamy Cowboy Romance with a paranormal twist. 





Slowly unbuttoning Connie’s shirt, Caleb lovingly planted his lips across her chest, then moved languidly up to her neck, but when he sought out her mouth, the weeks of desire flowed fervently through his kiss. She responded in kind, her arms clinging around him as she returned his urgent passion. Feasting his eyes on the luscious sight as he quickly stripped, he climbed on the bed and stretched out beside her.

“I’m gonna ask you somethin’,” he said softly, tracing his fingers across the exposed top of her breasts. “You’ve gotta promise to tell me the truth.”

“I promise.”

“This sexy underwear you’re wearin’—did you put it on thinkin’ maybe we’d end up here?”

The pink blush crossing her face spoke volumes, but he waited for her reply.

“Not exactly, but a girl likes to be prepared.”

“Good answer. You know that’s the kinda underwear that can drive a guy crazy, right?”

“Only if he can’t take it off.”

“Another good answer,” he said with a wicked grin. “That tells me you’re feelin’ better.”

“How could I not? I’m here with you. Caleb, what’s this,” she murmured, tracing her finger across a tattoo above his ribcage. “You don’t seem the type to have a tattoo.”

“Read what it says out loud.”

“Respect. Love. Trust.”

“Yep. Remember those three words dealin’ with horses and they’ll be returned three times over. Use them in life, you might suffer an occasional disappointment, but you’ll always be able to sleep at night.”

“I’ve thought about this moment so many times.”

“Me too. I damn near couldn’t think about anything else,” he whispered, nuzzling her neck. “I’ve imagined moving my hand behind your back and unsnappin’ your bra like this,” he purred, reaching behind her and popping the fasteners. “Then slidin’ it down your arms like this, tossin’ it on the floor like this, then suckin’ on your gorgeous tits.”

His salacious narration sent her pulse racing almost as much as what he’d been doing, and as he lowered his mouth to her nipples, she raised her chest and let out a long soft moan—then suddenly gasped. His tongue and teeth were sending sparks through her body.

“My God, that’s amazing.”

“You ain’t felt nothin’, yet, babe,” he crooned, lifting his head and staring up at her. “Wait ’til I do that to your pussy.”

Dropping his head he traveled his kiss across her stomach, then leisurely moved between her legs. As he pushed them apart, he lightly brushed his lips over her velvet fold, then teasingly kissed her inner thighs.

“Please, Caleb, please. I can’t stand it.”

Neither could he.

Promising himself the next time they were together he’d make her wait, using his thumbs he parted her petals, and began to tickle her clit with his tongue.

Letting out whimpers of pleasure, she wriggled in an ardent request for more, but when he closed his mouth around her, and began tormenting her clit as he had her nipples, her whimpers became squeals, and her fingers clutched the bed covers. Wild tingles were shooting through her sex, and she was sure she was going to orgasm, but each time she drew close, he backed off. When he finally began sliding up her body, her clit was throbbing and she was breathless.