JULY 2017


Cowboy Bodyguard

Brandy Coleman’s face is flaming red. As the owner of a barn for retired horses she’s had her share of mishaps, but nothing can compare to the deeply embarrassing moment. She is looking up at a stranger who has the dreamiest hazel eyes she’s ever seen, and a six pack beneath his open shirt that is making her knees weak. The problem? Her hose burst leaving her completely drenched, her hair matted, and her clothes soaked through.

Logan Scott has arrived at Rainbow’s End Ranch to apply for a job as a ranch hand. He is led into the barn by an exuberant Golden Retriever where he is met by a stunning sight. A gorgeous girl dripping wet and bent over is wrapping a towel around her head, and as she straightens up, he can’t help but notice her thin pink T-shirt clinging to her luscious curves.

The sparks fly, Brandy hires him, but as the days pass a threat looms over the ranch–and Brandy herself. A known thug wants her property and he won’t take no for an answer.

LOGAN: Cowboy Bodyguard is a steamy love story laced with danger and suspense. Like all Maggie Carpenter books it is a riveting page-turner with unexpected twists. Pick up your copy today, and escape to the romance at Rainbow’s End Ranch.


“You’ve made me a very happy cowboy,” he said softly, and pressing his lips against hers he kissed her with all the passion and longing that was surging through his body. He kissed her languidly, then crushed her lips, then danced his tongue against hers. He kissed her with tender warmth, then sucked in her lower lip as he rolled on top of her and rested his stiff cock on her belly.

He paused to watch the pink stain spring to life before landing the next. It had been over a year since he’d had the pleasure of spanking a nubile young woman, and that had been a casual encounter. This was different, very different, this mattered, and he was determined not to disappoint the starving submissive at his mercy. He began to deliver swift but lightly stinging slaps, making sure to deliver a few well-placed swats on her sit-spot. Listening carefully to her gasps and squeals, he began increasing the force of his hand, and when she began to squirm he checked himself and rubbed her hot cheeks.

JUNE 2017


The Rogue Aristocrat

No truth is worse than a lie. Or is it…?

Flora is going to marry the man of her choice! That’s what she told her father, but he continues to insist she marry a German prince fifteen years her senior. In a fit of rebellion she runs away during a raging storm, only to crash head-long into a wall of a man. Tumbling to the ground she hits her head, and a moment before everything goes black, she finds herself gazing into the most captivating eyes she’s ever seen.

Zane De’Ville, a French aristocrat and infamous womanizer, is suddenly tasked with taking care of a beautiful young lady who cannot tell him anything about herself, but he quickly wonders if her amnesia is authentic?


“Zane, you can’t,” she protested. “You just can’t.”
“I can and I will,” he said sharply, and grabbing her wrist he pulled her to the closest chair, yanked her over his lap, and placed his leg over the backs of her knees.
“NO! Let me go, please, I beg you, let me go.”
“You are a willful irresponsible young woman and this is long overdue.”
Smoothing his hand over her upturned bottom he discovered she’d not bothered with her petticoats; the thin silk dress and knickers underneath would offer little protection.
“Prepare yourself. This will hurt,” he warned, and immediately launched into the discipline, rapidly moving his flattened palm from cheek to cheek.