The face of

Motorcycle Master


 Her Barbarian Master


This handsome hunk is an animal lover, an avid athlete, (can bench press an impressive 300 lbs) and an all around lovely guy. Yes, he truly is. You’ll be seeing more of him. I’m hoping to feature him on my covers whenever possible.



What’s is Motorcycle Master all about?


Marco D’Angelo is living a lie. The no-nonsense cop is working undercover for the D.E.A. pursuing a shadowy drug lord. Embedded in a nefarious motorcycle gang he lives in constant danger, duty-bound to shun romantic entanglements.

Trouble appears in the shape of a crazy-hot, raven-haired, green-eyed vixen named Kat. From the moment their eyes touch he’s inexplicably drawn to her, but who is she, and why is she there alone and unprotected?

He abruptly finds himself under orders to punish her, but when the discipline is over she stares up at him with challenge in her deep green eyes.

The sparking chemistry blazes.

Can he resist…?

Cover 72






Placing his helmet on the coffee table he turned to make a comment, but the flimsy knot she’d tied had fallen open, and the robe fell apart revealing a wide strip of her naked body. Wordlessly he ambled back to her, slipped an arm around her waist, and holding her tightly, he gazed into her soft green eyes.

“Do you always answer your door half-naked?”

“No, I’m usually completely naked except for black stilettos.”

Though she was staring back at him with challenge in her eyes, his firm grip around her waist, and the smoldering hunger emanating from his gaze, was melting her.

“What am I going to do with you?” he murmured, his lips curling in a wry grin.

“You have to ask?”




Serenity doesn’t care much for rules. Free-spirited and flaxen-haired, she lives in a small village under the authority of barbarian clan who inhabit a castle above their tiny town. When her best friend is caught trying to steal apples from the tribe’s garden for her needy family, Serenity rushes to her rescue and challenges the brawny leader.

The leader’s son, Killian, is shocked! How dare a village girl be so brazen? Women in his tribe know their place. Deciding to remedy her impudent mouth with a hot spanking, he throws her over his shoulder and carries her into his chambers, but once again she astounds him. When the discipline is over she rails at him, then storms away.

Haunted by her brazenness and beauty he arranges for her return, but disaster strikes. During her visit a rival clan launches a surprise attack. The compound is under siege.

The dire circumstances throw them together! Their smoldering chemistry flames to life, but as they surrender to their blazing passion, they unearth a diabolical plot, one that threatens not just their lives, but their future, and the future of the entire clan.

Can Killian protect a willful young woman, while trying to uncover a traitor and save his tribe?



He stopped, and craning her neck she was able to see him pushing open a tall dark wooden door. He didn’t have to bend down to pass through it, and the room they entered was far grander than any she’d ever imagined. The furniture was made from rough wood, but the room was expansive and boasted a huge bed covered in fur, a wide table with several seats, and a fireplace with furry pelts covering the floor directly in front of it. She was expecting him to sit down and bend her over his lap, and she nervously waited, but he continued to move around the room carrying her over his shoulder, apparently searching for something.
“Can you please put me down?”
She had used her soft, pleading voice, the one that had worked surprisingly well with Bastian, and was always effective with her parents.
“I have yet to punish you.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Hush, you will, ah, there it is.”
He leaned slightly forward, and though her vantage point didn’t allow her to see what he was picking up, a moment later a hard piece of wood was laying against the full width of her bottom.
“What you feel is my punishment paddle. It is what I use to discipline my women, and now it will discipline you. I would advise you not to put your hands behind you. Usually I tie the wrists before putting a woman over my shoulder, but perhaps it is good you’re not bound. You will learn to obey.”